FAQ Producer

Q:How do I become a JVID Producer?

Q:How do I make income as a JVID Producer through JVID?

  • First, you have to cooperate with one Model and be in charge of producing and uploading original products. Second, every sale will bring profits to both of you – make sure you confirm reward ratio of the products with your Model.
  • To avoid profit-splitting problems, your income/reward will be directly transferred to your JVID account.

Q:How do I check out my reward ratio?

  • Login and click your profile picture (in the upper right corner), then you can check out all your reward ratios.

Q:How do I check out my income?

  • Login and click the $ icon (in the upper right corner), then you can check out the income report. The amount shown on your report is what you will actually receive.

Q:How do I upload my original products?

  • Upload pictures/videos → fill in description texts, the model name, and the reward ratio → setup marketing labels → successfully uploaded and wait for earnings.

Q:What are the file uploading formats?

  • For video, MP4 format with 16:9 aspect ratio are recommended. For pictures formats are JPG, JPEG and PNG. You need to upload at least 28 pictures for each product.

Q:How do I withdraw my earnings?

  • First to setup the receiving bank. Login and click “Profile picture” → “Settings” → “Setup receiving bank”. All banks are acceptable, and please note that and the bank charges should be paid by yourself. If your account has changed, please inform us before the end of every month.
  • Monthly earnings will be transferred to your account once the amount reached USD$100.
  • Monthly earnings will be transferred to your account on the 5th of next month. For example, your earning count from September 1st to September 30th, will be transferred to your account on the 15th, October.
  • E.SUN Bank is recommended for you to reduce bank fees.

Q:How do I check the messages from my fans?

  • Please click the “message” icon in the upper right corner.

Q:How do I edit my receiving bank account?

Q:How do I change my profile picture, banner, and other public information?

  • Login and click your profile picture to edit profile. Information includes banner, profile picture and others can all be uploaded/updated.

Q:How do I change my user name?

Q:What are specifications for uploading products?

  • Uploading products without model’s approval is prohibited. If it is confirmed after investigation, the first time creator usage will be suspended for 7 days, 30 days for the second time, and the third time the creator account will be suspended directly.

Q:Is it possible that male models also appear in JVID products?

  • As for now, only female models are allowed to appear in all JVID products. All or any part of male models appearance are not allowed. If there are exceptional circumstances, JVID official site reserves the right of final explanations.

Q:What are the restrictions of product content?

  • The contents of product are prohibited from containing violence, minor under 18, sexual intercourse, sadomasochism and the content of ◉Note 1.
  • ◉Note 1 - Scenes of others touching models’ body parts or genitals are also prohibited.
  • Any formats of illegal content including service, signature line, watermarks are prohibited from showing on the product information field.

For violation of any of the above restrictions, the product will be removed or your creator usage will be suspended.

Q:What are specifications for product cover photo?

  • The description of the photography cover must conform to the main product content and the boundary tags.If the photography has hidden version, photographer have to clearly mark in front cover, for example: [Hidden version contains topless contentIf photographers violate the rules and cause the consumer complaints. We may refund to the consumers .
  • Product cover photo should be horizontal.
  • Product cover photo and preview photo are forbidden to be presented in a close-up scene that shows genitals.
  • Product cover photo or preview photo that are naked, showing bare boobs or nipples will be removed to erotic classification by system.
  • Product cover photo or preview photo that shows genitals should be covered with filled shapes. Also, a close-up scene of genitals is prohibitied.