Q: How can I become a JVID author?

  • ・Please click our partners or register on JVID's official Line account: @clw7266m and fill in the information. You can create an account once approved.
  • ・Once you are a partner, JVID's official account will invite you into the Line group. You can ask any questions or make suggestions.

Q: How can make money on JVID?

  • ・Authors can work with JV models and release items once the revenue share percentage is confirmed. Both parties will split the revenue according to the percentage for every transaction.
  • ・Each revenue will be directly allocated to your and the JV model's JVID account to prevent revenue share disputes.

Q: How can I check my revenue percentage?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> "Finance" --> "JVID Studio" --> "Revenue Share Percentage" to check your revenue percentage.

Q: How can I check my revenue amount?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> "Finance" --> "JVID Studio" --> "Revenue Share Record" to check your revenue statement.

Q: How can I release an item?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> "Upload" --> "JVID Studio" --> Create a new project --> Input the name, type, and publishing method of the project.--> Upload file --> Input item content and revenue share percentage with model --> Input the marketing label --> Published, released, and wait for revenue

Q: Are there any requirements for the upload format?

  • ・"Item"
    .Video: MP4, recommended aspect ratio is 16:9
    .Photo: JPG, JPEG, PNG. At least 28 photos per photo album.

    .Photos: Formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, with each photo product containing at least 28 photos or more.

    .Photo EP: Formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, and each Photo EP product must contain a cover and no more than 11 images.

  • ・"Subscription Posts"
    .Video: MP4, MOV. Up to 15 videos per subscription post.
    .Photo: JPG, JPEG, PNG. Up to 40 photos per subscription post.
  • [Product File Naming Convention]
    .The number of digits must be the same: e.g., 001.jpg > 002.jpg > 011.jpg > 111.jpg
    .If there is a prefix, the prefix must be the same: e.g., JVID-001.jpg > JVID-002.jpg > JVID-011.jpg > JVID-111.jpg
    .English letters are case-sensitive: e.g., a.jpg > b.jpg > z.jpg > A.jpg > B.jpg > ... > Z.jpg
    .Numeric sorting takes precedence over English letters: e.g., 001.jpg > a02.jpg > A011.jpg

Q: How can I withdraw the money?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> "Finance" --> "JVID Studio" --> "Accounting" --> "Receiving Bank Account"
  • ・There are no restrictions on the receiving bank. You must pay the handling fee.If you need to update your bank account, please notify us before the end of the month.
  • ・The monthly revenue must reach US$100 before it can be withdrawn.
  • ・The monthly payment will be made at the beginning of the next month. For example, the revenue share for September 1st to 30th will be made on the 15th of the next month (the next day if on a weekend).

Q: How can I see the messages from fans?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> "Messages" to see all your messages.

Q: How can I change my receiving bank account?

  • ・You can't change it yourself.

Q: How can I change my profile picture and cover and edit public personal information?

  • ・Log in to JVID and click the left sidebar --> Edit Profile to upload cover photo and profile picture and edit other public personal information.

Q: How can I change my account name?

  • ・You can't change it yourself.

Q: What are the rules for releasing items?

  • ・If an item is released without the model's consent and is found to be true.
    First offense: Author suspended for 7 days
    Second offense: Author suspended for 30 days
    Third offense: Author permanently suspended.

Q: Can male models be in frame?

  • ・Only female models can be a part of the content creation. Male models are not allowed to be the subject and can't show the whole body or part of the body. If you wish to shoot content that shows the body of male models, JVID reserves the right of final interpretation.

Q: What are the rules for the item's content?

  • ・Violence, underage, sexual intercourse, sexual abuse, and Note 1 are prohibited.
  • ・Note 1: A second person touching the model's genitals is prohibited.
  • ・The copywriting of the item is prohibited from selling illegal goods and services, signature lines, and watermarks.
  • ・If the above rules are violated, the item will be taken down or the account will be suspended.

Q: What are the rules for item cover?

  • ・The cover description must match the content and labeled rating of the main item. If there is hidden content, the rating must be clearly labeled separately.
    For example: The hidden content includes item with shirtless rating. Blurred content is strictly prohibited.Any customer complaint will be processed as a refund.
  • ・The cover photo must be landscape size.
  • ・Using a close-up of the genital area as the cover and preview is prohibited.
  • ・If the cover or preview shows the genital area, the system will move the item to the r-rated category.
  • ・If the cover and preview of r-rated items show the genital area, it needs to be pixelated and cannot be a closeup.